When searching for any type of service, everyone always wants to know who is the “best” there is. While the answer to this question is subjective, as there are too many variables to really determine a definitive answer, there are many key factors to consider when posing this question. Whether it’s for your home, car, or business, everyone wants the best value and quality for their money. Below are our top three criteria to consider when searching for the best pressure washing companies in the Nashville, TN area:

  1. Licensed. Without a doubt, selecting a licensed power washing business is the most important factor. Since there is a relatively low barrier-to-entry for companies in our industry (anyone can go buy a pressure washer), there are many unlicensed and unqualified “businesses” in operation. By selecting a company who has taken the necessary steps to get licensed, you know that you’re dealing with true professionals who stand behind their name.
  2. Insured. Pressure washers can generate enough water pressure and volume to easily damage your home, landscaping, pets, or even people! To ensure your peace of mind, as well as the condition of your property, choosing a business that has ample insurance coverage is a smart choice. Even though all necessary precautions are taken by reputable pressure washing businesses, “accidents happen” and it is good to be prepared.
  3. Experienced. With thousands upon thousands of hours of experience, we know exactly what type of chemical(s) and what pressure is required to properly treat all types of surfaces (vinyl, plastic, concrete, brick, wood, etc.). Start-up companies rarely have the experience needed to correctly assess cleaning needs and make appropriate decisions regarding cleaning methods. Make sure your company has experience (get some before-and-after pictures!) that matches up with your needs.

Without a doubt, choosing a licensed, insured, and highly-experienced company is your best bet when looking for the best pressure washing company in Nashville (or anywhere for that matter). Play it safe and do not take risks with the proper cleaning and restoration of your home or business!